Welcome to PornJackin.com.

This is the official website for the chat room #PornJackin on Dal.net.


This website is for every sexual orientation so please be aware that you will see porn of every legal type.  
If it offends you please do not troll the posts as you will be suspended for doing so. If you come across illegal porn, please report it and it will be delt with.

As always make sure all images are 18+ and if you see any that are not report them ASAP and we will send the proper information to the correct authorities. 

We will strive to maintain the same set of rules that are in place in the chat room plus a few extra that will only pretain to our site.  However, here you can ask for things ;) hehe

Please make sure that you fill out your detailed profile so that you can find others with the same interests as you!  Click Here to do so!

In the next few days, this site will be taken offline and will be replaced by a new website in the next couple weeks. Sadly all content will be lost and will have to be rebuilt from the ground up. I will be informing people of the new website in the chat rooms when it is ready. The new site will be a social network style site as well but have a lot easier back-end that will run the site and allow us to add new features and get better support.



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